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My name’s djwuggs and I was what was known as a raver in Glasgow in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. I then turned my hand to a bit of dj’ing when I thought there was better music out there than I could hear in the clubs. My friends and I organised a few illegal raves and a few club nights in Glasgow under the short lived “europort” banner. All in all we didn’t conquer the world but we did our little bit in the story of the Glasgow club scene.

The europort blog is about deep house, acid and techno from 1988 to 1992, and is a tribute to Glasgow clubs The Warehouse (DJ Paul), UFO at Tin Pan Alley (DJ’s Adrian, Lars, Scott and Boydie) and Europort (my own club).

You can find out about my new music on the europort recordings glasgow page.

Hope you enjoy…and please feel free to comment.

4 thoughts on “about europort

  1. Hey Wuggs, just wanted to say thanks for sharing on this site and thanks for all the great nights at Europort. Did you ever find the name of “I am the giant man” on that Scott tape?

  2. Started my club career at Insomnia in 89 just as I started my £29 a week YTS. Man I wish they had mobile phones with cameras back then. Love that you’ve made these posts. I’ve searched the web for ages looking for something like this! Anyways it’s sad that the warehouse is no longer as I would love too revisited that old nut hut! Peace bro

    • Yeah I kind of wish there were some pics from back in the day, saying that part of me is pretty glad our Saturday night antics weren’t all over Facebook by Monday morning. No wonder the kids don’t party so hard these days….

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